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I use my life experiences in harmony with my professional approach to deliver my services. Using my twenty year experience as a Registered MBACP counsellor, I provide a person-centred approach that goes beyond the textbooks, to support people through the challenges of their lives. I treat each person as an equal. I meet my clients with respect and use a non-judgemental empathic approach which promotes trust in the relationship. This quickly forms a solid foundation for us to be able to work together, throughout our relationship.


I meet each individual where they are in their lives and we work from there, in a safe and confidential setting. The way I work has proven to be successful and I have a high percentage of clients that have used the tools I provide to change their lives. We all have the potential within to live a healthier lifestyle. I believe in them which encourages them to believe in themselves in finding a healthier way of life which works for them. 

Living in the Moment with self awareness, is my natural way of life, so I have the ability to help clients to focus on living in the moment and I provide the tools to help them to be able to do this. 

I can offer something quite revolutionary to people who want to live a healthier, balanced lifestyle. It is something that could enhance anyone’s life, but we are distracted by our everyday struggles that we have no time for our own inner potential for love and joy in living.


Living in the present moment can be an opportunity to live life more fully aware, experiencing more love, trust, joy and peace of mind. The way to do this is quite simple – experiencing ourselves in the moment…. rather than being distracted by the worries and duties that commit us to tomorrow. Accepting ourselves in the moment… rather than the continuous struggle against negativity and the compulsion for improvement of ourselves and our lives.

How much we do this is a personal decision for all of us, but I believe we should all devote at least a few hours a week to experiencing the joy of this present moment. The benefits come in increased energy and ability to be effective in our relationships and work.

It is a paradox: The best way to improve ourselves and our lives is dropping the struggle to do this, and to allow acceptance in the moment.

The surfacing of repressed feelings and emotion is one of the barriers that most people come across when moving into their “here and now” experiencing. Accepting, sharing and expressing these feelings and emotions is part and parcel of healing being more energised being more capable. 

It does help to spend regular time with someone who has already had this inner revolution happen in their lives.

I can offer one to one, group work and individual supervision to individuals who is interested in developing self-acceptance and experiencing themselves in the present moment.


Bereavement and Loss – I have worked in this field for many years and have experience of being able to help clients process their shock and eventually accept their loss and incorporate living in the moment which is a healthier way of living. I empower clients to find their inner peace surrounding their loss and encourage them to use the tools I provide to enhance their quality of life. I empower my client’s to continue their commitment to themselves, when we have finished working together, they have the tools for life to live a healthier lifestyle.

Living in the Moment Workshops – This is a programme that is put together by my own hard won self awareness which has taught me to live in the moment. This programme is well thought through and I provide the self help booklet and tools to be able to live in the moment. This workshop has changed lives and enhances the quality of peoples lives. The aim is to be who you are and not who others want and expect you to be. It is about becoming your own Best Friend and making the commitment to learn all about you. This workshop brings you the freedom to become aware of how to Accept Self and Live in the Moment with a healthier approach to your life.

Self-Awareness is key to a healthy relationship with self.

PTSD – Inner Child Trauma/Healing – I am able to hold a client in a safe space, through their trauma and provide the tools to help them process and move through their trauma. I encourage them to live in the moment, which brings healing to the person which results in a healthier way of living.

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